Workshop Exercises

Setting the Scene

Warmup exercises can help set the scene for the next exercises. Click below to visit them.

Exercise 1: Breaking Down Scholarly Outputs into Intentional Processes

This exercise is intended to make participants reflect on the notion of scholarly output not just as a final product but as the entire process leading to that product, a series of micro-decisions that can each be considered in their own right in the context of values.

Exercise 2: Interrogating, Relating, and Prioritizing Values

In this exercise, you will work in small groups to establish values-based frameworks for research and scholarly evaluation. The goal is to (a) have a frank discussion with a group of colleagues about what you value and what you don’t; (b) agree on a set of terms that describe those values; and (c) organize those values into a coherent framework.

Exercise 3: Making the Work Legible

The goal of this portion of the workshop is to imagine ways to make the processes of scholarship legible, in order to provide a framework not only for self-evaluation in regard to how we do our work, but for external evaluation as well.

Exercise 3 is coming soon.