Your Work

In all our conversations, we've discovered that for most people the process of taking the time to think through their values with colleagues, departments, and institutions has been the most valuable aspect of this project so far. In taking the next step from there, we have learned that building outward from values to indicators — measures of or outcomes from values-based work that can be pointed to in promotion and tenure processes as an alternative to traditional metrics — must be done contextually. What works as an indicator for an historian working with community archives may not translate exactly for a visual artist putting on an exhibition, and what works as an indicator for a scholar at a Midwest land-grant institution may not be the same for a scholar in an equivalent position at an urban university, or a European one.


There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to values-based work, nor for values-based indicators and metrics. Instead, we focus on helping you tell a more textured story of your scholarship, with all of its contexts, nuances, and individualities.

This section of the site will be updated soon with a tool that walks you through a self-reflective process for inflecting your work with the values you care about. Until then, check out our ongoing Workshop Guide for how you might run a workshop yourself, immerse yourself in our recommended readings, and explore our extensive Zotero library containing many additional resources.