The HuMetricsHSS initiative endeavors to help create and support frameworks that enable members of the academy writ large to reflect upon and identify the core values that animate their work, to consider how their values align with those of the institutions in which they work, and to develop indicators of impact that demonstrate how these values are enacted in the practices and the products of their work.

A Values-Enacted Approach

We call this a "values-enacted" approach because it requires scholars and institutions to engage in structured conversations about their values so they are able to put them into intentional practice in the research and pedagogy they undertake. While perverse incentives and harmful metrics exist across all disciplines, current evaluation systems are particularly ill-matched to the values that animate much research in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. We focus our efforts on these disciplines, with the understanding that the frameworks we create should and can be applicable to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields as well.

By cultivating institutional and individual habits of dialogue that identify core values, specify practices that enact those values, and reward results that embody those values, the HuMetricsHSS initiative seeks to disrupt the alienating effect quantitative metrics have on scholarly life.

The HuMetricsHSS Initiatives receives its funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.